I really wanted to look and feel better and make good decisions about food.  Shilpa helped me work toward these goals by listening to what I liked and didn’t like, providing suggestions for healthy restaurants and types of foods, and even healthy and tasty recipes. Shilpa was patient, and she somehow sensed when I was starting to fall off the bandwagon and provided encouragement and helpful tips along the way. The biggest change I made was cutting out sugar addictions, such as soda.  I have also been able to decrease my morning caffeine intake and replace it with fruit.  I learned a lot during my sessions with her and have seen a lot of positive changes in myself.  Both my boyfriend and my mom noticed that I looked better!  I would recommend Shilpa to anyone looking to look and feel better!

-Jill B., Business Analyst


Shilpa was able to help me incorporate a consistent workout routine, decrease meat and alcohol consumption and incorporate stress management and relaxation by providing up-to-date resources, articles, and recommendations, e.g. lists of healthy restaurants and recipes. She walked me through some of the reasons why I was slow at meeting the goals, as well as outlined certain behaviors and patterns. She guided me with healthier alternatives and ways to recognize triggers that contributed to falling back to old habits. She provided me with a logbook and yearly planner for tracking my food/exercise activities, which also served as a reflective journal that helps me tracked my progress. I now feel more rested, energetic, alert, and have a better response to dealing with stress and triggers that lead to unhealthy behaviors. Shilpa is very knowledgeable about organic and healthy living, immediately responsive and flexible with requests, resourceful, compassionate and patient with my progress. I would recommend Shilpa to busy professionals who are looking for better work/life balance, organizations and companies looking for a healthier workforce.

-Bryn G., Research and Policy Analyst


My goals included stress management, clean eating and getting adequate rest. Shilpa was able to help me toward these goals by raising my awareness regarding unhealthy patterns; giving me plenty of practical alternatives, options and tips; and informing me of the benefits of changing my routine and drawing attention to the possible ripple effects likely to arise from these changes. She helped me implement a new action plan, one step at time, making it seem very doable, and she found creative ways to motivate me to carry out these changes. Thus, I was able to step back and prioritize my own well-being, and I am much calmer, happier, and feel much more in control of my life now. I also have a new sense of self, which is more focused on “being” than on “doing.” Shilpa is a powerful mentor for those embarking on the self-transformation process. She is a perceptive listener, adaptive, and very knowledgeable professional on a wide range of health and wellness related issues. She is also an inspiring mentor for the well-being and inner peace, which she herself exudes.

-Marie L., Governance Assessment Specialist